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Speaker Hire Milton Keynes

Speaker hire in Milton Keynes – Sonic Bass provide PA hire and speaker hire for parties, functions, club nights and all year round events of varying sizes.

Which speakers do i need for my event?
Everyone wants great, high-quality sound from their speaker system.  We provide a sound that fills the room and has a deep bass, a clear treble, and a rich middle range. The sound quality does not deteriorate when you crank up the volume.

In your mission for quality sound, speaker watts are one figure to understand and take into account. Other important values are the speakers’ sensitivity measured in db and total harmonic distortion (THD). Hopefully we can help you understand what our sound systems can deliver and how we can help you make the right choice.

Power and Loudness explanation.
Decibels are a measure of loudness, usually expressed in db. As a general rule of thumb for every 10 decibel increase, the sound produced will seem twice as loud to the ear.

Power in watts is a measurement of electrical power which a speaker can handle.  Our QSC speakers can handle 1000 watt RMS continuously.  That’s a pretty epic feet of engineering from a 12″ speaker. They will actually peak at 2000 watt but this is misleading marketing hype and the figure that some companies market their products by. Don’t get caught out with speakers marketed by the peak power output.  It’s all about SPL – Sound Pressure Level.  This is the actual measurable perceived loudness of the speaker and really the only figure you should pay attention to.  As you will see below you can use wattage to estimate crowd coverage though.

We have done the hard work for you.
Check out our Speakers section to see which system will suit your event. We usually allow for about 10 watts per head, this figure has never disappointed and fits most events where music is being played to an audience. So for 50 people look at our SB 0.5k kit it will deliver 500w RMS.  As the audience size increases so do the power requirements. If you need a large system beyond 1000 people just contact us. Things start to get a little more complex for large events and will require us to provide a custom quote taking into account venue dynamics and technical sound coverage.


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