Martin Magnum 1200

Hire: £30.00/day

Delivering a heavy punch of fog the Magnum 1200 is designed to cope with 24/7 life on the road. Features include 8 minute heat up time, 2.3l fluid capacity and a timer and output level remote control.



The Magnum 1200 delivers a heavy punch of fog. It’s built tough to meet the rugged demands of 24/7 life on the road.

Optional DMX interface
Internal remote control storage
Timer and output level remote control
Linkable – up to 4 units can be operated at the same time with one remote. DMX – unlimited channels are available
Optional flying kit
Continuous output
290 m³/min fog output
850 W heat exchanger
8 min heat-up time
2.3 liter fluid capacity
Different fluid options for different applications


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