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Sound Kit SB 11.5K

Audiences up to 3000 People - Meyer Sound Line Array
High impact, highly directional.
Hire price: £2,500.00

The Meyer Sound M2D compact curvilinear array loudspeaker brings numerous advantages to mid-sized venues that require tight vertical pattern control with long throw. The M2D is designed specifically for vertical curvilinear arrays of up to 16 cabinets having 0- to 7-degree splay between adjacent units. Pioneered by Meyer Sound in the early 1980s, horizontal curvilinear arrays composed of trapezoidal cabinets have been an industry standard for decades. The M2D extends the concept to vertical arraying, enabling flexibility to tailor vertical coverage by varying the number and splay of cabinets in the array while maintaining a constant 90 degrees of horizontal coverage.

For high frequencies, the M2D utilizes Meyer Sound’s patented REM ribbon emulation manifold to couple a single compression driver with a 1.5-inch exit (4-inch diaphragm) to a horn with 90-degree constant-directivity horizontal coverage. (The vertical coverage of the array depends upon the array length and curvature.) The M2D mid-low section comprises two high-power 10-inch drivers with lightweight neodymium magnet assemblies housed in a compact, vented trapezoidal enclosure.

To assure the smoothest response in the critical midrange, the M2D incorporates a complex crossover design: at the lowest frequencies, both 10-inch drivers combine to reproduce powerful, coherent bass, while in the mid frequencies the crossover feeds only one of the two drivers. This ingenious technique eliminates interference between the drivers that would otherwise occur at shorter wavelengths.


Price includes delivery and setup within MK postcodes.

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