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Traktor Scratch Pro DVS

TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is the premium system for pro DJs spinning digital tracks on vinyl and CD. The future has arrived and it looks like this.
traktor scratch cover
Hire price: £30.00

Welcome to the future. TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is the premium system for pro DJs spinning digital tracks on vinyl and CD. The full feature set of the leading TRAKTOR PRO software is included, setting a new gold standard in professional digital vinyl systems. Containing super-precise control records/CDs, the high-end AUDIO 8 DJ interface, ingenious Multicore cabling and the last word in DJ software; TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is the definitive fusion of analog and digital Djing.

The included TRAKTOR PRO software meets the needs of even the most inventive pro DJs. With an all new Crate Flick cover art browser, 28 effects algorithms, and four processors capable of chaining up to three effects plus EQs and filters for each deck, a new level in creative mixing is at your fingertips. Simultaneously control four decks with CD or vinyl. Remix tracks live with the powerful and extensive loop functions.

AUDIO 8 DJ is the ultimate audio interface for DJs: This premium quality 24-bit/96kHz interface is built for TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO and utilizes ultra-precise Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters for maximum loudness and quality: eight high-gain (9.7dBu) outputs, eight inputs, MIDI I/O and much more – all wrapped in a robust and compact design.

TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO blurs the lines between digital and analog DJing, taking both to a new level. The high-resolution 2kHz control signal boasts unmatched response whether using vinyl or CD. Even the most demanding turntablists can feel how everything from slow rubs to quick backspins and even motor-offs respond just like vinyl. Pressed with extreme care onto high-quality 120g discs, it really feels like each digital file is cut into the wax.

TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is designed for maximum plug-and-play usability, and comes with two Multicore cables that combine all necessary connections into a single pro-quality audio cable for each deck. Plus, with TRAKTOR PRO included, just grab your laptop and spin at the after-party – no timecode control required.

TRAKTOR works in perfect harmony with the self-contained groovebox and powerful groove production studio MASCHINE. Sync MASCHINE to TRAKTOR and use the AUDIO 8 DJ to route the MASCHINE audio to your mixer. Simultaneously use the MASCHINE hardware as a MIDI controller for TRAKTOR.

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